Our Pneumatic Tube Carriers

We offer carriers that definitely fit your needs

We offer different forms, various sizes and colours of pneumatic tube carriers – as well as matching inlays to protect sensitive goods. Our solid carriers are very durable. Thanks to the ergonomic design, you can open the carriers especially easily. The carriers 350, 224 and 315 are our bestsellers that fit most needs. Their transparent body guarantees that the cargo is visible at any time. We look forward to develop novel custom carrier solutions when needed.

You have a system from another manufacturer? No worries! Our carriers do as well fit into the most systems from competitors.

Carrier Pneumatic Tube Samples

Standard carriers


Carrier 1.9350.T1L
Carrier 350L

The carrier with two flap lids fits perfectly the needs of fluids – such as lab samples, blood tests or drugs. The lids close absolutely securely, even under pressure. They can be opened with one hand only.

Brochure (PDF)

Fact Sheet (PDF)


Carrier 1.9350.T.1B
Carrier 350B

This carrier has two swing lids with a built-in spring assisted mechanism that makes wrong or insufficient closing of the carrier impossible.

Fact Sheet (PDF)

Short and wide

Carrier 224

This short and wide carrier with a big diameter fits one DIN A4 sheet rolled crosswise. It closes reliably with swing lids on both sides.

Fact Sheet (PDF)

Long and narrow

Carrier 315

This long and narrow carrier fits one DIN A4 sheet rolled lengthwise. The carrier has swing lids on both sides.

Fact Sheet (PDF)

All carriers are upgradeable with the following features


Equipped with RFID chips, our carriers become smart objects that can be connected with information systems. All standard carriers have the option to be equipped on both sides. Thereby it’s clear where which consignment is located at any time.


ColourSend makes it possible to assign a specific carrier colour to a specific destination. For example, blue carriers are programmed to automatically go the laboratory, while red carriers are sent to pharmacy. The user does not need to enter the destination manually.

Protecting inlays

Various inlays make carriers multifunctional and especially protective. The inlays are tailored for particular objects and their needs. For instance, the foam material inlay with its oblong notches protects blood test tubes from damage.


Individual carriers for specific purposes

Carrier for extra big freight appropriate for system ‘Cargo’

Carrier for the transport of measuring devices in automotive industry

Carrier for transporting x-ray films used in quality assurance

Carrier for transporting granulate

Behälter für den Bargeldtransport mit Rohrpost

Carriers for cash

Carrier for application in mechanical engineering

Carrier with ice packs to transport frozen blood bags

We developed and produced numerous carriers for specific purposes. You only find a small selection in this section. Functionality, form and character are fitted perfectly to the given use. Don’t hesitate to approach us for carriers off the beaten track!

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