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10″ Touch Display

H461 mit Touch DisplayWe are pleased to announce that the development of our 10″ touch display is now complete and we are starting production. A first delivery of units will follow shortly.

Available for stations H61


  • Choose from personal Top3 / Top 10 destinations
  • Choose from the station‘s Top3 / Top 10 destinations
  • Grouped destination lists
  • Quick dial (e.g. last receive, last sent)
  • Send and receive history
  • Transport speed: slow, fast
  • Priority: norm, high, now


  • Fully configurable: e.g. layout, colours, names and display of specific elements
  • Multi language, including Arabic, Cantonese, Thai, etc. – any user language integrable
  • Many optional features: e.g.
    display of video, audio and messages

Start the video to see a real demonstration of the application on our new touch display.

More applications of pneumatic tube transport

Pneumatic tube systems are intralogistics solutions that can be used in every location that needs fast and secure transport. We are a specialized manufacturer of air tube transport systems and offer adaptable products to fit your individual company’s requirements.


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