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User-friendly, process optimization through automated data collection and intelligent control system, cost-effective, avoiding human error


50 years of specialized experience, long-term customer relationships, 24/7 worldwide support, secure in-house transport


Smart pneumatic tube system, continuous further development in our four internal R&D departments, adaption of the systems to company needs thanks to 50+ special applications

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More applications of pneumatic tube transport

Pneumatic tube systems are intralogistics solutions that can be used in every location that needs fast and secure transport. We are a specialized manufacturer of air tube transport systems and offer adaptable products to fit your individual company’s requirements.


HÖRTIG Rohrpost

• 55 years of experience and expertise
• Dedicated manufacturer of pneumatic tube systems
• Proven capacity for continuous innovation due to four in-house R&D departments


Operating globally

• Satisfied customers all over the world
• Local distributors with country-specific expertise
• Successful realized projects in over 40 countries

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