Our Special Solutions

Complementing our standard systems, HÖRTIG Rohrpost develops and produces custom-made pneumatic tube systems for all fields of internal goods transport. If customers wish to do so, we fit a system to a control system for our products that customers develop themselves.

Our products can be adapted to different individual requirements regarding the transported good, size and weight, as well as station design. Transport of heavy or bulky goods is easily possible without special systems, including, for instance, large volumes of shipping documents, delivery notes, hot slag, bulk good or particularly heavy and large items, including devices and metal ware. The systems Jumbo and Cargo(Plus) can convey large and heavy goods fast and reliably – up to a tube diameter of 500 mm and a weight of 50 kg per carrier.

System Jumbo 160

Everything that fits into the carrier of the Jumbo can be conveyed – e.g. tools, screws or lab samples. It transports goods with a weight up to 13 kg.

Exemplary transport routes for which the Jumbo has been used:

Production with pneumatic tube system
Carrier made of type 304 stainless steel
  • Outgoing goods area to production or to the pick-and-place machine
  • Outgoing tools area to automatic production machine
  • Warehouse to the assembly line
  • Production facility to warehouse or quality control

Our range of articles for the Jumbo contains for example: a space-saving send and receive station, a horizontal send- and receive station with safety lock for the arriving carriers, or a version with fully automatic departure of the carriers with subsequent ejection onto a conveyor belt.

We also offer a customized transport carrier made of stainless steel with a self-retaining turn-screw lid and a spring tumbler.

System Cargo 315

The system Cargo is commonly used for linking a picking systems with a conveyor belt production facility, e.g in the car industry. Carriers can be sent automatically or manually depending on the application area.

Our custom-built carrier for this system stays in the tube, unloads autonomously and goes back immediately to its sending station when the work is completed. In the meantime, a second carrier can be filled at the sending station.

Due to the high travel speed of the carriers (up to 6 meters/second), the Cargo suits perfectly the context of time-dependent production picking in manufacturing plants. Thanks to the huge shipping volume, it can also be used for the dispatch of shipping documents in logistics companies.

The system will be adapted to customers’ requirements and wishes.

Tube diameter: 315 mm

Freight weight: up to 25 kg

Transport carrier 1.9405.W.00 for the system “Cargo”
System CargoPlus 500

CargoPlus is the worldwide first pneumatic tube system with a tube diameter of 500 mm. It conveys goods that weight up to 50 kg with a travel speed of 2 meters/second.

CargoPlus Rohrpost besonders große Güter
CargoPlus carrier

CargoPlus offers optimal logistics for the carriage of goods within various industrial production processes. It can be adapted to the customers’ increasing requirements for flexibility and efficiency. The transport carriers are custom-made for the type of good to be conveyed.

The tubes can be installed in a space-saving way at the ceiling, so the ground-floor area remains free for use in production.

System bulk cargo

The pulse actuated interval-conveyor system for tubes of diameter 110 mm is purpose built for the transport of bulk cargo. This can be conveyed in regular or irregular intervals from the filling plant to the site for further processing.

System hot slag

With our pneumatic tubes it is possible to send hot slag to the laboratory. This enables a continuous quality control during the ongoing production of steel.

Special carriers

We offer a series of especially developed carriers for special systems:

  • Temperature isolated carriers with complete leak tightness for chemical laboratories and hospitals – also available in a version for glass cylinder with a weight of up to 3 kg
  • Pressure-tight carriers with three security layers that prevent leakage for the transport of toxic gas
  • Carriers with thermal packs or a heating mechanism

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