Pneumatic Tube Systems Production

Space-saving intralogistics in manufacturing areas

Production plants exploit the manifold advantages of using pneumatic tube systems in manifold ways. Pneumatic tubes can accompany conveyor belts and robots during or accompanying the manufacturing process. They provide at any desired location and at any time, just in time, for example:

  • measuring instruments
  • tools
  • spare parts
  • workpieces
  • and other production materials

Pneumatic tube systems connect the centre of distribution with production lines in manufacturing companies. This makes it possible, for instance, to store key sets in a car manufacturer centrally while providing production lines with them at varying times. Other common transport goods are delivery notes, screws, drills or milling tools. Nearly anything is possible: Our special solutions can convey objects with a weight up to 50 kg and a size that fits in tube carriers with a diameter up to 500 mm.

We consider the particular environmental conditions in an industry and its plant location when designing a new installation. Because they are closed systems, pneumatic tubes can also be used in dusty surroundings. Heat resistant tubes can be installed in surroundings where temperature is very high or ranges widely over the year, e.g. near blast furnaces or across the seasons.

The application of pneumatic tube systems in industrial enterprises decreases production costs and increases efficiency in the production process.

In the manufacturing industry pneumatic tubes can also be used to dispatch various samples. You’ll find more information about this under the menu item Industrial Laboratory.


Case study: pneumatics in production

Learn more about using pneumatic tube systems in production facilities. The case study demonstrates the use during the production of cars.

Pneumatic Tube Systems in Production Case Study

In production-oriented businesses or facilities the following systems are commonly used:

System H21

2 point system for simple connections, e.g. between office and warehouse

System H61

Computer-controlled smart system for all fields of complex in-house transport


Logistics solutions for extra heavy and/or large goods, bulk good or hot slag

A selection of the production companies that use our plants


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