Our dedication

We advise the Chamber of Industry and Commerce on foreign trade topics.

Our CEO has been an honorary member of the committee for foreign trade at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for over 15 years. He advises the chamber on current politico-economics topics on both the EU market and overseas trade. His expertise centres on the concerns of regional economies, the strengthening of our business location and the professional qualification of people in our region. Our company benefits from this exchange of experience.


We engage in creating a new pneumatic tube standard.

For many years, our CEO has been committed to establishing a new pneumatic tube standard. In early 2017, he was appointed to chair the newly founded committee tasked with this development at the DIN organization. The goal is are defined measurements, tolerances, materials and delivery conditions for tubes, bends and sleeves.

We have visions for prospective applications of pneumatic tubes.

We don’t rest on our laurels but are always interested in future developments and in actively shaping them. Thus, we are concerned with the application of the basic idea of pneumatic tubes outside of in-house logistics. The possible usage of pneumatic tubes doesn’t stop at the boundaries of a company complex. Other uses for pneumatic tubes are in development, and we are part of this research as member of the team “Cargo Cap”.