Pneumatic Tube Software RT-Win 4

Tracking transports and optimizing the system

Version 4 of our RT-Win pneumatic tube software has a modular structure. Depending on customer requirements, the basic software can be supplemented with various apps. This is possible at any time. The Ethernet-based software offers interfaces to internal databases – for example, the laboratory information system. The central control logic is locally separated from the employees’ workstations. The software can be used by an unlimited number of PCs.

Is it important to you to be able to track the status and location of all shipments at all times? You want a system that optimizes your processes? Then you should pay special attention to the software behind your pneumatic tube system. Pneumatic tube software can give you control and traceability in transports. It therefore not only increases transparency, but also allows you to optimize transport processes. The software can analyze material movements and predictively identify any wear points.

Modular app system

Use of data from hospital’s databases

Control logic and data storage separated from user’s workplace

Ethernet based

A selection of apps for RT-Win 4.0 pneumatic tube software


Predictive Maintenance


Arrival Screen

  • Tracking and tracing of all current transports in real time
  • List of all transports with time, sender and receiver information
  • Display of the RFID tags of the containers and users
  • Prediction of possible sources of error on the basis of various statistical and mechanical data
  • Supervises the condition of the carriers in use, the tube lines and the installed drives
  • Initiates pre-defined actions in case of deviating data
  • Customized connection of the pneumatic tube system to an SQL-based laboratory information management system (LIMS)
  • The LIMS will automatically control the shipments so that they are routed to the performing laboratory appropriate to the desired sample analysis
  • Shows all incoming transports for a location
  • Visually represents the status of the transports (Waiting, En route, Delayed, Arrived)
  • Gives information about each transport, e.g.: Priority of the shipment, times, user and transport ID, sender, receiver.

Exemplary integration of the software in hospitals

The graphic shows how our pneumatic tube system could be integrated into a hospital’s infrastructure. The areas with a yellow background indicate in which hospital areas the respective app gives added value. All areas with a gray background depict databases to which the software could be connected.

Pneumatic Tube Software RTW 4.0

You want a pneumatic tube system whose software thinks for itself?

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