Advantages of pneumatic tube systems

Benefits of Smart Pneumatic Tube for your intralogistics

Thanks to its advantages, pneumatic tube mail solves many intralogistics requirements. The reliable systems bridge small as well as large distances safely and quickly. They are flexible in terms of the time of transport, the transport speed and the goods transported. Thanks to the intelligent transport containers of our Smart Pneumatic Tube, the conveying process can be monitored, documented and optimized at any time. The result is particularly cost-efficient intralogistics. Pneumatic tube systems can be embedded in buildings in a space-saving and inconspicuous manner, or integrated into interior design as art-use objects in aesthetically pleasing versions.

Find out about the advantages of our pneumatic tube system

Pneumatic tube is reliable in terms of the quantity of goods to be transported, their quality on arrival and their transport times. It enables reliable 24/7 operation without break times.
By using RFID chips, the transported goods can be tracked permanently. A seamless chain of custody is guaranteed.
Our comprehensive range of services as well as development and manufacturing ensure the highest quality and permanently stable operation.

Our systems are designed to avoid human error in transportation. Shipping and receiving are easy to handle and allow for hardly any application errors. In addition, our colour- and electronically-coded transport containers can be sent automatically to specified receiving points – without requiring operators to enter a destination. The special design of the stations prevents the sending of excessively heavy goods.
To protect the transported goods, we offer various carrier inserts. These are individually designed for specific goods and guarantee safe conveying. The containers provide protection from environmental influences and prevent contamination. Thanks to the closed transport system, the objects are not passed through several hands. Techniques such as our patented sleeve brake provide additional protection for sensitive goods.
Using a pneumatic tube is also safer for employees, as they do not have to carry large amounts of cash or highly sensitive materials.
Find out about measures that make pneumatic tube systems even safer.

Pneumatic tube is the fastest way of transportation in the company. Goods can be sent at a speed of 1-20 m/s. Even longer distances in and between buildings are covered quickly this way.

Pneumatic tube is suitable for both automated and spontaneous transports, such as the transport of blood samples in hospitals. Goods can be transported to the desired destination at any time and ad hoc.

This ensures low throughput times and a rapid workflow thanks to continuous use of materials and shortened handover times.

Pneumatic tube offers flexibility in transport and operation around the clock. Spontaneous transport requirements can also be handled.

The systems are relatively open in terms of the goods to be transported. The containers transport just about any goods. General cargo as well as bulk material can be transported. Temperature requirements from inside and outside the system as well as the physical condition of the goods can be taken into account in the concept of the system. Toxic and highly sensitive goods are also conveyed safely.

Limitations are the size and weight of the cargo. Most systems are smaller, but modern pneumatic tube systems can handle goods up to 500 mm in diameter and weighing up to 50 kg.

Hörtig systems are intelligent systems that can be embedded in your home’s electronic information systems. Specially developed software turns the pneumatic tube into a Smart Pneumatic Tube. By means of RFID chips, transport carriers become Smart Objects.

This enables real-time data collection and full integration into operational work processes. Thanks to the technology embedding, data is continuously collected, stored and made available for further processing. The Smart Pneumatic Tube can interact with its environment (e.g. hospital information systems).

Around 50 apps specially programmed by us extend the range of functions of the classic pneumatic tube. For example, the status of the transport process can be queried and digitally documented. Our monitoring solutions clearly display the current location of the transported goods, the transport route and the transport time in real time, even in complex systems. This also allows, for example, prioritized goods or routes to be given priority in the system.

This provides you with valuable information for internal process management, your material flow analysis and planning.

The investment in a pneumatic tube system pays for itself quickly, sometimes in a few years in production-integrated systems.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, pneumatic tube reduces personnel costs by automating errands and increasing the reliability of shipments. Pneumatic tube lines can traverse wide company areas – in all weathers and without additional traffic on the company premises.

This leads to significant efficiency gains in the company. Unproductive activities are avoided and routes between building complexes or during work in goods production are covered in a time-saving manner.

Unlike other transport systems, pneumatic tube systems can be installed behind ceiling panels or wall formwork and in overhead lines. This leaves the valuable floor area free for use in production. At the same time, the pneumatic tube system does not necessarily influence the visual appearance of the rooms. It can operate almost invisibly in the background.

Pneumatic tube systems can be integrated into existing organizations or, in the case of new buildings, directly into the planning. Once a system has been installed, it can be easily expanded if the initially planned requirements are no longer sufficient.

By the way, this also applies to our RT-Win 4 pneumatic tube software, which, due to its modular concept, always contains exactly the applications that are important to you.

Although usually invisible and unobtrusive to a large extent, the pneumatic tube can also be integrated into the design of rooms and buildings in an aesthetically pleasing way as an art object.

It is possible to install sections of the system outside the wall or ceiling visible. Switches can be colored in different colors, for example, to visualize the different zones. Colored containers slide through transparent Plexiglas tubes. Such an installation is not only exciting for visitors to your building, but also conveys your investment in technology.

Pneumatic tube as art object
Example of an ICON art installation at Chong Hua Hospital in the Philippines.

Advantages of the use for your operation

Efficient material logistics

Streamlining the transportation process:
Time, human, and monetary resources required for alternative transportation options are saved.


Effiziente Leistungserstellung

Optimization of other internal processes:
Corporate functions can be centralized even if their physical outputs are needed by other departments.

Discover the advantages of pneumatic tube for your specific field of application

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