Advantages of Pneumatic Tube Transport

Benefits of the smart pneumatic tube transport systems for your intralogistics

There are a lot of benefits of pneumatic tube transport. The systems can solve a wide range of intralogistics issues. The reliable systems bridge small and huge distances fast and safe. Pneumatic tube transport is flexible concerning the conveyance time, the speed and the transported goods. Due to the intelligent carriers of our smart pneumatic transport systems the conveying process can be fully monitored, documented and optimized. This results in especially cost-effective in-house logistics. Pneumatic tube transport systems can be installed in space saving ways and either almost invisibly or aesthetically appealing as engineering art objects.

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Positive effects of the systems for your business

Efficient material logistics

Rationalization of the transport process through pneumatic tubes:
Saving on resources for conveyance in terms of time, personnel and financial investment.


Efficient production of goods and services

Optimization of other internal processes from using pneumatic tube systems:
Tasks can be centralized, even if their physical outcome is needed by departments in diverse on-site locations.

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