2-Point System H21

Especially space-saving and affordable

Our 2-Point System H21 is the smallest and most budget-friendly pneumatic tube system option. It consists of two stations and a tube that links them. The H21 can send in both directions (A→B and B→A), but only in one direction at a time.

Users do not have to type in the destination when sending a carrier, because the H21 is a one-line system. That means that dispatch is especially fast.

2-Point System H21 scheme
Exemplary scheme of the 2-Point System H21

Examples of goods customers convey with the H21:

  • Delivery notes
  • Invoices
  • Cash-vouchers
  • Laboratory specimens
  • Handcraft
  • Denture casts in medical labs
  • Drawings of a size of up to DIN A0
  • Films in photo laboratories
  • Tools at manufacturers
  • Marking plates in the car industry

Numerous other applications are in daily use or possible. The H21 is suitable for all needs where items must be transported regularly between the two locations linked.

If required, the 2-Point System can be supplemented or enlarged individually with more components at any time after initial installation.

Point-to-point System H21

Selection of our stations for point-to-point system H21

Station types for the 2-Point System H21

You can choose between the following stations:

  • Open sending and receiving station
  • Sleeve station as beginning- and endstation – arrival of the carrier from below
  • Sleeve station as beginning- and endstation with an integrated station control unit
  • Sleeve station as beginning- and endstation – arrival of the carrier from above

Depending on the situation and needs on-site, the stations can be installed vertically from above or below, as well as horizontally.

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