Pneumatic Tube System for Hospitals

For efficient logistics in healthcare facilities

Hospital pneumatic tube systems are reliable, powerful and efficient transport options for physical objects of any kind. For example, they transport blood units, tissue samples, urine specimens, COVID-19 samples, injections or medications. The use of pneumatic tubes in hospitals saves valuable time and human resources.

Our pneumatic tube solutions are specially designed for use in healthcare facilities. To protect sensitive loads, we offer gentle receiving equipment and a special transport container for use in laboratories. When transporting blood products, we take the weight, transport time, hemolysis, and centrifugal and acceleration forces into account in the design. Particularly time-critical goods – for example, tissue samples from an operation – can be shipped with priority.

Streamline your hospital processes and save time for what really matters: the patients.

Optimize your hospital logistics through pneumatic systems in laboratories, pharmacy and at hospital wards

Turnaround time

  • Transport speed from 3 to 6 meters/second
  • Average transport time for pharmaceutical goods comes to 2-3 minutes
  • More efficient use of laboratory equipment thanks to continuous workflow
  • Prompt and error-free delivery of test results, reports, etc.


  • Reduction of a possible spread of bacteria or viruses following less movement of sick patients and less crowding at clinics
  • Safe management of contaminated specimens or samples
  • Prevention of cross-contamination thanks to safety and hygiene
  • Sterility

Patient services

  • Sick patients do not have to walk to the blood collection room
  • Improvement of patient satisfaction and consequently hospital reputation
  • Faster throughput time of laboratory testing minimizes crowding at clinics
  • One-stop service with connections to laboratory and central pharmacy

Hospital processes

  • 24/7 operation and thus speedy 24/7 transportation within the hospital
  • Spontaneous transport – just in time and immediately when required
  • Fast link of patient areas with laboratory, pharmacy, medical records and X-rays
  • Better management of facilities reduces operational costs

Improved turnaround time

Typical transportation routes of pneumatic tube systems in hospitals

Transport ofFromTo
Blood specimens, blood cultures, swabs, urine samples, stools etc.Outpatient clinics, wards, ICU, OT etc.Laboratory, pathology
Prescription (Rx), drugs, medicinesPharmacyInpatient wards, ICU, operating theatres, outpatient area
Documents, test reports, forms, X-rays etc.Registration area, medical record, personnel, mail room etc.Various departments

Typical transport volume in hospitals

Size of the hospital by number of hospital bedsNumber of air tube system stations (typically)Average number of carrier sendings per dayTotal carrier travel distance per dayTotal carrier travel distance per year
25015-20600+90 km30.000 km
50030-401500+225 km70.000 km
100060-802500+375 km115.000 km
1500100-1203500+525 km160.000 km

Laboratory stations: Perfectly matched for use in laboratories

Every hospital and laboratory is different. It is critical to keep this in mind when selecting pneumatic tube components. Choosing an appropriate station significantly improves the workflow of laboratory personnel. The efficiency of maintenance and repair work is also increased by a considered selection. We therefore offer a wide range of special laboratory stations. They are designed for use in laboratories, pharmacies and hospitals. Of course, we are available to advise you on the design of the stations with our decades of experience.

Brochure Lab Stations

100% more throughput

Focusing on one function – sending or receiving – significantly improves throughput. Installing a send-only station and a receive-only station instead of a combined station results in more throughput and makes the system less error-prone.

Send every 10 seconds

Multicarry stations can move more than one container at a time in a pipe line. Depending on the station design, our multicarry stations dispatch containers at 10-second intervals. Multicarry receiving stations buffer up to seven incoming transports.

Parallel input

Multi-send stations enable parallel input of several containers into one station. Employees do not have to wait until the previous container has left before making another entry.

Gentle transport

By offering different receiving units, we optimize the use of the stations. You can choose from the following options: Reception bow, reception ramp or reception conveyor belt.

Seamless integration

You can choose from three different housing options for our laboratory stations: No housing, Hörtig housing, or a custom carpentered housing.

Automatization and tracking

All our Laboratory Send-Stations have RFID readers integrated by default. Carriers thus move off automatically and are tracked. Our Laboratory Receive-Stations can be optionally equipped with RFID readers.

Examples of pneumatic tube installations in hospitals and laboratories

pneumatic system in hospital

Laboratory pneumatic tube system for sending and receiving of samples

Laboratory pneumatic tube system

Pneumatic tube system for laboratory with conveyor belt for a smooth reception of samples

pneumatic tube systems for laboratory

Conveyor belt in the lab on which carriers wait for their unloading

hospital pneumatic tube station

Reception in a hospital: Dispatching of items for patients

krankenhaus rohrpost

Send-Station with connected information display

informationsbildschirm fuer rohrpost in krankenhaeuser

Touchscreen with information of all transports

transferrevolver krankenhausrohrpost

Transfer revolver for the distribution and prioritization of transports

hospital pneumatic tube station lcd touch

Double-Sending-Station with 10” touch panel for optimal usability

Carriers for hospitals and hospital laboratorys

Laboratory carrier specially designed to meet the requirements of hospitals and hospital laboratories:

  • Leak-proof, even under pressure
  • Very easy handling
  • Complementary inserts for different samples
  • Temperature insulated
  • Seamless tracking with RFID

Perfectly fitted to the use with:

  • Cytostatic drugs
  • In vitro fertilization
  • Blood products
  • Laboratory samples

More information can be found in the brochure. A selection of our other carriers is shown within the section “Carriers”.

pneumatic tube carrier for hospital laboratories

Sending cytostatic drugs: Integrated solution for optimized protection

hospital pneumatic tube cytostatic drugs

When sending cytostatic drugs, one thing is particularly important: the hazardous substance must not leak.

To ensure this, we offer an integrated solution for sending cytostatic drugs by pneumatic tube system. This consists of the leak-proof laboratory carrier and a special cytostatic drugs station.

You can find out more about our cytostatic drugs solution in the brochure available for download on the right.

HEPA filters for a clean air

hepa filter for pneumatic tube system hospital

Especially in operating rooms, intensive care units and laboratories, it is important to keep the air free of particles. For this reason, we offer the initial or subsequent installation of HEPA filters for our pneumatic tube systems. HEPA filters (High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) can filter at least 99.95% of all dust particles larger than 0.1-0.3 micrometers from the air. This includes, for example, viruses, bacteria and aerosols. The installation of the filters in the system reduces the number of particles that can enter medical areas from technical areas via pneumatic tube. In this way, we protect the health of hospital staff and patients.

To ensure that the filter is working optimally, we offer the installation of sensors. These report the maintenance status of the filter to our RT-Win 4 pneumatic tube software.

Our pneumatic tube systems for hospitals

Smart pneumatic tube system

Most hospitals use our PC-controlled H61 system. With a wide range of stations and many smart features, it is powerful, reliable, efficient and intelligent.

For easy requirements in transport

Are you looking for a solution for regular transports between two static locations without branching? For example, from the laboratory to the emergency room and back again? Then the H21 point-to-point system is right for you!

Why we are the right partner for you clinic

As a company that has specialized in pneumatic tube systems for over 50 years, we are happy to bring our years of experience to your hospital. We know what it takes to design and implement hospital pneumatic tube systems. We are a developer, manufacturer, installer and provider of after-sales services. With our all-round package, we are reliably at your side. If you are interested, we would be happy to send you more details about projects in healthcare facilities.

Selection of hospitals that rely on Hörtig systems

Some of our hospital references


Case: Installation at Chong Hua Hospital


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