Security and Sending by Pneumatic Tube Systems

A lost document may be annoying, but it is not the end of the world. If a laboratory sample can no longer be found in the hospital, the situation is different. Medicines should also never fall into the hands of unauthorized persons. For all cases in which the security of the transport process plays a particularly important role, we use additional security options for our pneumatic tube systems. These offer complete traceability of the transported items and minimize the risk:

  • of lost shipments,
  • damage of shipments,
  • of unauthorized access,
  • and unwanted system failures.

Secure Send & Receive| Sending and removal of carriers only after identification

Access to important or dangerous items should be restricted. This is where our Secure Receive Stations come in, releasing certain items only to authorized employees who have identified themselves in advance at the station. Even sending from certain stations or to certain destinations can be made possible only for selected employees or groups of employees. Identification takes place via MIFARE card, PIN or LF tag.

RFID| Tracking of sent carriers

Are you worried about carriers getting lost? Be it because employees select the wrong destinations or the carrier disappears in the system? With our RFID carriers this will not happen to you. The location of the carriers in the system can be tracked at any time via the chips.

Content Management| Monitoring of the sent items

Not only the location of the carrier, but also which items are processed when and where by which employee is relevant for seamless monitoring. With our Scan App, every employee action connected to the pneumatic tube system is recorded.

Predictive Maintenance & Statistics| Avoiding failures and detecting anomalies

For a transport process to be completed safely, the pneumatic tube system must be in a fully functional state at all times. To monitor this and detect potential problems at an early stage, we use our Predictive Maintenance & Statistics App. This alerts your employees in the event of (expected) critical system conditions.

Screens und Alerts| Notify employees of shipment announcements

Employees send important samples, but they wait a long time at the receiving location for further processing because no laboratory employee is available – with visual notifications, e.g. via our Arrive & Departure Screen or via arrival signals, this is a thing of the past! Rapid processing of time-critical samples is thus ensured.

Gentle Reception| Protecting reception units and carriers

All the tracking and smart handling of transports is of no use if the incoming carrier ends up slamming into the reception unit with full force. That’s why we offer a range of gentle reception options as well as pneumatic tube carriers explicitly for sample transport.

10‘‘ Touch Screen & Colour Coding| Simple operation to avoid user errors

In many cases, errors do not happen because of system problems, but due to inattention by employees with a heavy workload. The operation of our stations with intuitive 10” touch screen is therefore designed to be as simple as possible. To make it particularly easy for employees to select targets, for example, their personal top 3 targets are displayed directly. Carriers with specific colors can be programmed to always travel automatically to the same destination – without additional destination entry. This makes the sending process very fast and safe for employees.

P.S. Regardless of whether you already have a plant in operation or are planning a new plant: the safety features can complement the system in a useful way in both cases!

security pneumatic tube systems infographic