Introduction of our new employee Henry Löhnhardt | Technical Draftsman in the Internal Sales Department

What tasks have you already had the privilege of taking on in your professional career?

During my training as a technical system planner and in the time thereafter, I provided order-related support for project plans, as well as technical documentation for project processing, detailed drawings, production drawings and assembly plans. I also coordinated with purchasing, manufacturing and suppliers regarding all necessary materials. After that, I decided to continue my education to become a technician. Two aspects motivated me to do so: On the one hand, continuing education in general is very important to me. On the other hand, I would like to equip myself optimally for the job market in this way, so that I can remain in it. During the time of my technician training, I particularly enjoyed the technical work, project work and the excursions to various companies. Here I was able to gain deeper insights into the most diverse trades and production processes of relevant utility companies.

What are your tasks now at Hörtig Rohrpost as a technical draftsman in the internal sales department?

I create drawings of pipeline routes. I’m also responsible for various schematics in which the corresponding stations are positioned, depending on the building structure. This makes it easier for the customer to find his way around. I am also responsible for the material and production parts lists that belong to a quotation. Finally, I support my colleague Johannes Basten with the preparation of quotations and other project-related tasks.

Why did you decide to take the job with us?

I am generally interested in companies that are not so well known to the ordinary citizen – move in a niche. I’m also very good at putting into practice what I’ve learned from my advanced technology training. The contents are very familiar to me.

How do you relax in your free time?

I like to go archery with my club colleagues. I am also a passionate amateur photographer. For balance, I regularly visit the gym.