Hörtig Rohrpost presents innovative solutions at Medical Mumbai expo

From February 16 to 18, 2024, the renowned technology trade fair Medical Mumbai expo was once again the focal point for companies, innovators and experts from all over the world. Hörtig Rohrpost presented itself together with its Indian sales partner and took the opportunity to showcase its latest innovations and solutions to an international audience.

The interest in pneumatic tube systems as an efficient solution for various industries, including healthcare, logistics and retail, was palpable. Hörtig Rohrpost presented its state-of-the-art systems, which are based on the latest technologies and aim to increase the efficiency and productivity of companies.

Participating in Medical Mumbai expo gave Hörtig Pneumatic Tube Post the opportunity to network with other industry leaders, explore potential partnerships and gain insights into the specific needs of the Indian market. Through presentations and demonstrations, the company was able to showcase its expertise and experience in the field of pneumatic tube technology.

Overall, Hörtig Rohrpost’s participation at Medical Mumbai expo was a great success. The company consolidated its position as a leading provider of pneumatic tube solutions and demonstrated its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. With promising new contacts and potential business opportunities, Hörtig Rohrpost returns from the show ready to continue shaping the future of pneumatic tube technology.