Common Uses of Air Tube Delivery Systems

Pneumatic tube systems have evolved over time and their potential applications expanded. The initial invention was a pneumatic post system to deliver mail in bigger cities.

Today’s applications are much wider and more end user-oriented. Air tube systems are deployed wherever a business or institution needs a reliable transport method to reliably and quickly move items.

From hospitals to retail businesses and production facilities – our modern pneumatic tube systems are applied in a variety of uses. Every industry has specific characteristics and requirements. These can be considered during the conceptual design of a new system or upgrade. We have the in-depth knowledge across a range of industries and decades of experience to adapt our product to your special demands. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a hospital, supermarket, pharmacy, car manufacturing plant or industrial laboratory, we can help you.

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By clicking on the particular business categories above, you can find out more about typical applications of pneumatic tube transport in your industry. You can also get in contact with us directly and draw on our experienced and professional team to receive advice about suitable systems and receive information about specific products and software applications we have developed for use in your sector. We adapted our systems to the specific requirements in any field, tailored to your company’s needs.