Pneumatic Tube Systems in Hospitals

Optimization of hospital logistics through pneumatic systems

Turnaround time

  • Transport speed from 3 to 6 meters/second
  • Average transport time for pharmaceutical goods comes to 2-3 minutes
  • More efficient use of laboratory equipment thanks to continuous workflow
  • Prompt and error-free delivery of test results, reports, etc.


  • Reduction of a possible spread of bacteria or viruses following less movement of sick patients and less crowding at clinics
  • Safe management of contaminated specimens or samples
  • Prevention of cross-contamination thanks to safety and hygiene
  • Sterility

Patient services

  • Sick patients do not have to walk to the blood collection room
  • Improvement of patient satisfaction and consequently hospital reputation
  • Faster throughput time of laboratory testing minimizes crowding at clinics
  • One-stop service with connections to laboratory and central pharmacy

Hospital processes

  • 24/7 operation and thus speedy 24/7 transportation within the hospital
  • Spontaneous transport – just in time and immediately when required
  • Fast link of patient areas with laboratory, pharmacy, medical records and X-rays
  • Better management of facilities reduces operational costs

Improved turnaround time

Pneumatic tube systems are powerful and efficient transport options that lead to an optimization of processes in hospitals. By using pneumatic tubes, hospitals save valuable time for:

  • obtaining required information about patients
  • taking laboratory samples and instantaneous sections
  • the transport of blood

Our pneumatic tube solutions are adapted to the application in healthcare organizations. We provide various carrier inlets to treat sensitive transport goods with care. For example, we offer carriers with coolers for items that need a chilled environment. When transporting blood preservations, we consider the weight, the transport duration, the haemolysis as well as centrifugal and accelerating forces. Furthermore, it is possible to send time-critical items on priority lanes, such as tissue samples taken during an operation.

Thanks to pneumatic tube transport, staff are able to devote more time to personal patient care.

Exemplary transport items for hospital tube systems:

Blood preservations, EDTA tubes, plasma, tissue, swabs, laboratory samples in general, instantaneous sections, injections, prescriptions, patient documents, X-rays, general documents, drugs, test results

Typical transportation routes of pneumatic tube systems in hospitals:

Transport ofFromTo
Blood specimens, blood cultures, swabs, urine samples, stools etc.Outpatient clinics, wards, ICU, OT etc.Laboratory, pathology
Prescription (Rx), drugs, medicinesPharmacyInpatient wards, ICU, operating theatres, outpatient area
Documents, test reports, forms, X-rays etc.Registration area, medical record, personnel, mail room etc.Various departments

Typical transport volume in hospitals:

Size of the hospital by number of hospital bedsNumber of air tube system stations (typically)Average number of carrier sendings per dayTotal carrier travel distance per dayTotal carrier travel distance per year
25015-20600+90 km30.000 km
50030-401500+225 km70.000 km
100060-802500+375 km115.000 km
1500100-1203500+525 km160.000 km

With these data and information about the salary and staff time spent walking to transport good you can calculate possible cost reductions through the implementation of a pneumatic transport system in your hospital.

Examples of pneumatic tube installations in hospitals and laboratories

pneumatic system in hospital

Laboratory pneumatic tube system for sending and receiving of samples

Laboratory pneumatic tube system

Pneumatic tube system for laboratory with conveyor belt for a smooth reception of samples

pneumatic tube systems for laboratory

Conveyor belt in the lab on which carriers wait for their unloading

hospital pneumatic tube station

Reception in a hospital: Dispatching of items for patients

Carriers for hospitals and hospital laboratorys

pneumatic tube carrier for hospital laboratories

The custom laboratory carrier fits the needs of hospitals and hospital laboratories perfectly. The carrier is leak-proof and easy to handle. Furthermore there are various inlays that broaden the use in hospitals. For example, we offer an inlay for test tubes and an inner carrier that is temperature resistant.

More information can be found in the brochure on the right. A selection of our other carriers is shown within the section “Carriers”.

Carrier for hospitals and laboratories

Air tube transport systems for hospitals

The most hospitals use our system H61. It can be supplemented with special carrier inlets that prevent transport items from damage.

For easy requirements in the transport

Get more information about the 2-Point System H21. This is our small system for the simple transport between two points that reoccurs regularly.