Pneumatic Tubes in Industrial Laboratories

Hygienic. Risk-preventive. Efficient.

Using pneumatic tubes in industrial laboratories leads to an optimization of internal processes: By speeding up their transport, samples can be analyzed and evaluated exceptionally quickly. Whether food samples or steel samples, they can all be quickly brought to the industrial laboratory for quality control.

We offer carriers for different requirements in industrial laboratories. To convey hot samples, using our specially constructed carrier made from steel. The length of the carrier can be adapted to your needs. To transport liquid samples, we offer leak-proof carriers.

In addition, we provide special stations for the transport to and from clean rooms. There is also the option of integrating HEPA filters into the pneumatic tube system. The filters remove at least 99.95% of all dust particles larger than 0.1-0.3 micrometers from the air.

Our offering also includes a special station for bulk good, which loads and unloads automatically.

Any kind of sample can be conveyed safely and sanitarily to the company’s industrial laboratory, regardless of:

  • Physical state (solid, liquid, gas)
  • Temperature

Pneumatic tube carrier for industrial labs

We developed a laboratory carrier particularly for industrial labs. The carrier is easy-to-handle and leak-proof. It can be used with different inserts that are tailored to the use in industrial companies. For example, we offer a temperature resistant inner carrier that protects hot samples from cooling down.

More information can be found in our brochure on the right. A selection of our further carriers is displayed in the section “Carriers”.

Industrial laboratory pneumatic tube carrier

Pneumatic tubes in an industrial laboratory: Horizontal dispatching and receiving with a sorting in priority, normal and return transport goods.

Pneumatic tube system for industrial laboratories

Our system H61 is particularly suitable for the application in industrial laboratories. It comes with various features, thanks to its intelligent control. Special transport carriers can be added to the system.

Case study: chemical laboratory

Learn more about one possible application of pneumatic tube systems in industrial labs. The case study shows the use of pneumatics for the transport of specimens to a chemical lab.

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