Our Pneumatic Tube Systems

A pneumatic tube system is a conveyor plant that efficiently solves internal logistics problems. They are used for spontaneous transportation and can transport physical objects to different destinations by means of special pneumatic tube containers. Which system is used exactly depends on the application.

We currently offer pneumatic tube systems in three different categories for different purposes. The H61 system is our universal system, which is suitable for a particularly large number of companies and for use in hospitals. The H21 system – a point-to-point system – is suitable for transport between two locations. The H36 was developed especially for the transport of cash. In addition to these three variants, we will also be happy to help you implement a special solution for your company.

Universalsystem H61

Pneumatic tube system suitable for a particularly large number of companies, as complex plant structures with branches and prioritization are possible.

2-Point System H21

Suitable for recurring transport between two points without branches.

Cash System H36

Pneumatic tube systems specially designed for the transport of cash.

Special Solutions

Pneumatic tube system developed individually with the customer, for example for particularly large freight.

Via the links above you find information about schematic designs, station types, transport carriers and suitable accessories for each of these pneumatic tube system.

FAQ Pneumatic Tube Systems