Tubes, Bends, Sleeves

Tubes, bends and sleeves are critical components in pneumatic tube systems: With only minor deviations in dimensions or inaccurate installation, they can hinder the function of the entire system. The tubes we use are of the highest quality. In order to perfectly fit the system into the environment, we use different tube materials and installation methods depending on the location.

Different tube materials in use


The most commonly used tubes are made of PVC. By default, we use iron-grey PVC components. Alternatively, for optical reasons, silver-grey, white or transparent tubes can be installed.

Stainless Steel

In some buildings, only stainless steel may be used. In these cases, we install stainless steel tubes.

PEHD-Underground Tube

Since the tube lines can be installed invisibly in the ground, the PEHD underground pipe designed for this purpose is used for such routes.

stainless steel tube for pneumatic systems
underground tube for pneumatic tube systems

Installation options for the tube network


In most cases, the tube network is installed underneath ceiling tiles. Thus, the pneumatic tube runs invisibly and takes up hardly any space.


Especially for pneumatic tube systems that go over more than one building, tubes are laid in the ground.


However, several buildings can also be connected to each other via tube bridges.


As a special eye-catcher, the tubes can be installed visibly.

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