Pneumatic Tube Diverters and Transfer Units

Pneumatic tube diverters and transfer units are used in pneumatic tube systems that contain more than two stations. One station can send to several receiver stations via our 2-, 3- or 6-way diverters. Which branch the carriers take is controlled by our software.

As an alternative to the simpler diverters and linear distributors, our transfer revolver has the advantage that it can handle up to 16 carriers simultaneously, quickly and compactly. In addition, comprehensive prioritization of shipments is possible.

Pneumatic Tube Diverters

Pneumatic tube diverters allow a carrier to be sent from any sending station to any receiving station. They determine to which destination a carrier branches off. The diverters are electrically controlled and can interconnect up to six tube lines. Multiple diverters in one system allow complex branching.

2-way diverter

Combines two tubes into one. Can later be easily upgraded to a 3-way diverter.

3-way diverter

Connects three tubes to form one.

6-way diverter

Merges six tubes into one.


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Reliable function

A built-in Hall position sensor verifies that the pivoting tube snaps into the correct position in the diverter.

Durable design

The Mean Time Between Failures of the robustly designed diverters is 5 years. A sophisticated design allows all functions to be checked directly at the diverter. They can also be easily serviced on the ceiling. Due to their design, however, they are virtually maintenance-free.

Transfer Revolver

Complex and efficient plant structures

Transfer revolvers interconnect up to 16 tube lines in multi-line systems. This makes it possible for up to 16 carriers per revolver to travel in the system at the same time. Revolvers are especially speedy when doing transfers of shipments between lines.

Prioritization of important transport

Transfer revolvers enable the storage and prioritization of carriers. One revolver can store up to 16 carriers and time their onward movement. Carriers with high priority are sent first. Carriers with low priority are stored in the meantime. As soon as the line is free again, they are sent on by the revolver. If several consignments have the same priority, they are sent in the order of their arrival (FIFO).

Intermediate storage of carriers

In addition, the revolver stores carriers whose receiving station cannot receive any further carriers at the moment. This has the advantage that carriers can be sent from a sending station to a receiving station even if it is already full. The carriers are then temporarily stored in the revolver and automatically sent when the receiving station is free again.

Tracking of transports

The built-in transponder technology ensures that the carriers arrive at the intended destination. Each carrier is registered as it enters and leaves the revolver. All transfer data is stored electronically.

Hörtig transfer revolvers thus have additional advantages over conventional pneumatic tube diverters and linear distributors

More compact


Prioritizing of transports

Significant buffer capacity per line

Handling of up to 16 carriers

revolver linear transfer unit

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FAQ Pneumatic Tube Diverters and Transfer Revolvers

The number of diverters in a system is not limited. An unlimited number of diverters can be used.

Yes. There is no restriction in terms of nominal width. We offer diverters for all nominal widths.