T-Root for Bags 1.0138.x.01

Product Description


  • System H61


  • 1st Phase: Blower is in such operation. The S-VAl is open and the B-VAL already and
    the B-VAL is closed. The bag is approaching.
  • 2nd Phase: Bag passed S-VAL already and sits in T-Root.
  • 3rd Phase: Blower is blow operation. The S-VAL is closed and the B-VAL is open.
    The bag is leaving the T-Root.


The T-Root is located between the send and receive stations in a machine room and connected to the blower.
The two drive through flaps are siting left and right of the T-Root.

Technical properties

Material: PVC and PA
Colour: Grey and transparent

Dimensions 1.0138.6.01 – T-Root

Tube: Do110
Weight: ca. 1.35 Kg

Dimensions 1.0138.T.01 – T-Root

Tube: Do160
Weight: ca. 2.52 Kg

Technical Data

Diameter (mm)

110×2.3, 160