Datasheet Download: 1_0900_6_02_DS.PDF

Product Description

Non-return-valve 1.0900.6.02


  • To control the air-flow direction
  • Can be used to ensure that the air which was flowing through the tube system is exhausted from the building e.g.


  • The shape of the blue frame is optimized to low noise, low friction, long life and pressure loss
  • Can be used up to an air speed of 20 m/s


  • Sits in the air tube
  • We recommend to have a transparent tube left and right of the NRV so the maintenance can check whether the NRV works properly

Material: ABS, rubber

Dimensions: Do110

Non-return-valve on bend 1.0902.6.00


  • Exhaust the inbound air at an end station Operation
  • Laying on the tube by gravity and bend up under air pressure


  • At 30 degrees from the top end of the bend

Material: Rubber
Colour: White
Dimensions: Used for tube sizes Do63 – Do200

Delivery scope

  • Rubber valve and installation jig