End Station 421


Carrier departure

  •  Sending upwards
  • Carrier is inserted at the bottom of the station
  • Can hold one carrier while waiting for departure
  • Carrier visible while waiting
  • Overload protection

Carrier reception

  • Arrival of the carrier from top
  • Carriers are stopped by central brake before
    approaching the station

Operation 1.0421.x

  • Send slot moves to the right to clear the way for arriving carrier
  • Approaching carrier activates sensor
  • Central brake cuts off airflow and stops carrier
  • Carrier falls into basket and send slot moves back into middle position


This station has to be connected to a diverter.

Technical properties

Material: Sheet-steel case with PVC and ABS parts inside
Colour: Powder painted, white-grey RAL 7035
ESD protected


  • RFID reader for arrived carriers
  • RFID reader for user to release carriers in secure reception mode
  • RFID reader for user to identify the sender

Additional information

Diameter (mm)

108, 110×2.3, 110×3.2, 132, 160, 200

Control Unit

Keypad 12 keys [H61E], Keypad 19 keys [H61F], Touch Display [H61G]

Reception options

Basket Small, Basket Big



station opening


send / receive


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