Air Exhaust T-Piece – Set



  • This set connects the air exhaust / intake of an end station to another location. This can be an air condition airduct, the outside of the building, a false ceiling or any kind of airduct
  • If the station is delivered with a simple rubber flap, this set is installed instead of the flap


  • The straight through tube has the diameter of the carrier, while the exit flange has the diameter of the air tube which is typically 110
  • The exit flange has a non-return valve which will ensure that the air-flow can only pass through in one direction


  • Over the station (refer to document E518)

Material: PVC-U, Sheet-steel, ABS

Colour: RAL 7011 iron grey

Delivery scope

  • Every item shown on the picture left


  • Tube colour in transparent to see wether the non-return valve works properly

Additional information

Diameter (mm)

108, 110×2.3, 110×3.2, 132, 160, 200