HÖRTIG Rohrpost Launches New Corporate Website

A Modern Website for a Modern Company

New corporate website in corporate design

Consistent with our company’s strategic focus on technological progress we have also upgraded our brand HÖRTIG Rohrpost. In addition to the update of our corporate logo, our corporate website features more information and a new appearance overall. Both are now stably representing our traditional corporate colour, the HÖRTIG green. The website represents our corporate identity, which fuses old-fashioned ideals of reliability and consistency with innovative state of the art technology and service.

Relaunch Website Hoertig Mobile Responsive

Maximum customer orientation through best usability

At our company the customer takes centre stage and customer-friendly presentation and utility of the website were guiding the new design. A simple menu structure as well as a clear text and picture language facilitate the navigation across the site.

It’s self-evident that our website is still mobile responsive so information accessing about our pneumatic tube systems is also comfortable on the way.

Relaunch as first step in the digital transformation

The relaunch is only the first step in the digital transformation of our brand. Look forward to more information whilst we enhance the features of our website and join us on our journey to revolutionize the pneumatic tube system and how we present our innovations worldwide online.