Dealing with COVID-19

In the present situation, it is of the utmost importance for us to be a reliable partner. We take our responsibility towards our business partners and employees very seriously. It is our highest priority to ensure being able to work as usual and to save our staff’s health at the same time.

Therefore, we take the following measures at the moment:

  • Employees who had contact with presumably infected people have the opportunity to stay at home, even if they were not officially put under quarantine
  • Physical contact is being avoided, employees work with the recommended safety distance, meetings are held with distance
  • People who may do home office, stay at home
  • External visits are only allowed in exceptional cases
  • Hygiene recommendations are followed

Even though we had no staff tested positively up till now, we want to contribute to slowing down the spreading of the virus. We will make sure that we are able to reliably offer our service as you’re used to.