Through Station 451

Product Description

Carrier departure

  • Sending upwards
  • Carriers are inserted at the bottom of the station
  • Can hold one carrier while waiting for departure
  • Carrier visible while waiting
  • Overload protection

Carrier reception

Arrival of the carrier from top
Carriers are stopped by central brake before approaching the station


  • Internal s-bend design ensures smooth operation
  • S-bend moves into receive position
  • Approaching carrier activates sensor
  • Central brake stops airflow immediately
  • After release of carrier s-bend returns into through position


This through-station can sit in the middle of a chain of stations or at the end. The blower can only sit at the top flange of the station.


It can be chosen whether the send slot is on the left or on the right side. Default: on the right side

Technical properties

Material: Sheet-steel case with PVC and ABS parts inside
Colour: Powder painted, white-grey RAL 7035
Tube: Do108, Do110, Do132, Do160
ESD protected

Delivery scope

  • Mechanical station only without control unit
  • Designed to be combined with different control units


  • RFID reader for user to identify the sender


  • RFID reader for arriving carriers
  • RFID reader for carriers waiting to be sent

Technical Data

Durchmesser (mm)

108, 110×2,3, 110×3,2, 132, 160


12 Tasten [H61E], 19 Tasten [H61F], Touch Display [H61G]


Korb klein, Empfangsbogen, Förderband, Rampe



Öffnung der Station


Senden / Empfangen


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