Kit End Bypass for 1.0461/1.0472 Blower Top 1.2615.6.00 / 1.2615.7.00 / 1.2615.T.00



  • There are through stations which can be approached from bottom side or from top side
  • If the station is approached from top side the carrier will pass through the station Then it will stop and will be sucked into the receive port of the
  • For stopping the carrier under the station a bypass is needed.
  • The 2615.T.00 is the bypass which has to be added to the station.


  • There are two
  • The upper none return valve sits on the bend over the station.
  • A set of holes has to be drilled into the tube under the upper non return valve as an air
  • The lower non return valve sits under the station together with the T-Piece and the end

Material: PVC, rubber, ABS

Colour: Dark grey

Delivery scope

  • T-Piece
  • End cover
  • non return valve (blue)
  • non return valve (white rubber)
  • device sleeve



Item No. Do [mm]
1.2615.6.00 110
1.2615.7.00 132
1.2615.T.00 160
1.2615.V.00 200



Zusätzliche Informationen

Durchmesser (mm)

110×3,2, 132, 160, 200