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Product Description

Diverter 3-Way Jumbo


•    Can be used as 2- or 3-way diverter

•    S-bend (swivel tube) construction

•    Hall position sensor controlled safe snap of the swivel tube into correct positions

•    All functions can be checked directly at the diverter

•    Absolutely suction and pressure tight

•    Suitable for carriers up to 420 mm and 20 kg weight  MTBF 8 years


•    Installation in any direction

•    Easy service when installed in ceiling

•    Aligns perfectly within minutes during reassembly, due to star connection positioning system

Technical properties

Material: Sheet-steel case, plastic-covered, with PVC and ABS parts inside

Colour: Powder coated, white-grey, appr. RAL 7035 Tube: Do160

Housing: ca. 980 mm (h) × 530 mm (w) × 397 mm (d) Weight: ca. 47 kg

Delivery Scope

Including AW control unit

We reserve the right of changes!

Technical Data

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