MiFare Reader for more security

Restricting access to the pneumatic tube station: MiFare readers for employee identification.

Many of our pneumatic tube stations can be optionally equipped with MiFare readers. This provides special security for items sent by pneumatic tube. Important medications sent from the hospital pharmacy to the wards can thus be taken by only pre-selected persons and unlawful handling can be prevented. However, there are many other scenarios in practice where the use of the MiFare system makes sense.
MiFare technology allows employees to personally identify themselves at the stations before using them. This has a number of advantages:

Secure Receive
Only pre-defined employees can remove shipments from the station. This increases security in medication and sample management.
Secure Send
Only pre-defined employees can send to specific stations or select specific destinations. Reduced destination selection makes the sending process easier and more secure.
Tracking – Track & Trace
Identification makes it possible to trace which employees have used the pneumatic tube system and when. The result is greater control and a complete record of the chain of custody.

Which stations can be equipped with MiFare readers?

All stations of the H61F system and its following generations can be equipped with readers.
be equipped with readers. It is irrelevant whether the stations are equipped with touch screen or membrane keypad.

Which cards can be read by Hörtig stations?

Employees can use their existing identification cards. No additional card is required. Both personal cards and functional cards accessible to multiple employees work with our pneumatic tube stations. The readers generally read all identification cards with MiFare chip card technology of generations EV1, EV2, EV3 – as of 02/2022.

Where does the pneumatic tube system get the data for determining the access rights?

Manual procedure: The cards are read in once by an employee. Our RT-Win 4 software with installed user app is required for this.
Automatic procedure: The pneumatic tube database is compared with the personnel database at set intervals and thus kept up to date.

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