Colour-Coding of Carriers

Avoid incorrect operation of pneumatic tube stations? Make pneumatic tube operation easier? Colour-coding of pneumatic tube carriers saves your valuable time and your concentration at the same time.

In most cases, recurring patterns can be seen in the destination selection of pneumatic tube shipments. Fixed rules can be prescribed for the red, green or blue pneumatic tube carriers so that the pneumatic tube station automatically knows where the tube is to be sent when it is placed in the carrier.

So the user does not have to enter the destination manually anymore. The user has to follow fewer steps to send the colour-coding carrier. He has more time for relevant tasks in his daily work. In addition, the probability that he will make mistakes in selecting the target is reduced.

The defined use of pneumatic tube carriers for specific destinations also reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

You can discover more details and an application scenario of such colour-coded transport carriers in the following flyer:

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