Smart Universalsystem H61

Using the pneumatic tube transport system H61

model of the universalsystem h61

Model of the smart system H61

The new generation of smart systems upgrades and adapts the pneumatic tubes’ control systems to the constantly increasing demands of the market. It uses ultra-modern technology to accommodate different requirements of in-house logistics and communications, as well as the different application areas of pneumatic tube systems. Various hospitals and manufacturing companies use our H61 because it fits their needs perfectly. It is suitable wherever more complex logistics problems must be solved.

In contrast to our smaller 2-Point System H21, the system H61 is computer controlled. This enables various additional features. We offer a range of smart additions for the system H61 in conjunction with our RFID-carriers – for instance the automated management of empty carriers or the priority sending of especially important goods.

The Smart System H61 can be used for up to 255 zones and 32.000 stations. It is based on the diverter and/or passage principle and a variety of different stations are on offer and can be mixed to match your needs. The stations are equipped with LC display and numerical keyboard (1- to 16-digit destination selection). Commonly, the destination is selected at the sending station and the transport carrier automatically dispatches, automatic sending is also possible. Our newly developed transfer method using a space-saving 16-fold turret enables significant shorter transport times than conventional transfer systems. This type of smart system meets all the requirements of modern in-house communications and logistics in medium-size and large companies.

Features of the system H61 standard equipment

  • Menu-guided operation in different languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Thai)
  • List of existing station numbers
  • 1- to 16-digit selection
  • Operation of all service functions with a portable programmer
  • Remote control from each station or diverter
  • Auto-setup function to parameterize central control
  • Elimination of possible anomalies in the system through various algorithms of the software and through test routines
  • Regular system operation after power outages with all carriers driving to their previously defined destinations
  • Consistent ESD protection – CE-certified design
  • Automatic checking of all integrated tube contacts to predict switch failures
  • Error passive – failing components will not cause problems to other devices on the bus
  • Tolerance of the control program against switch failures
  • Automated carrier return via ID chip
  • Storage 200 or more upcoming deliveries and cross-tabulations of the sending rate
  • Shutdown of individual groups
  • Control of traveling speed
  • Control of the transport route
  • Priority sending of important items
  • Centronics printer interface (IEEE448), optically-coupled
  • PC interface connectable at each device within the system
  • Low energy needs concept means no additional power supplies and correspondent 230V-connection needed
  • Standby power consumption only 24 W for 30 installed devices
  • Transfer function for up to 255 additional lines, supported in all customary types of transfer designs (ring, star and network)
  • Due to HÖRTIG multi-master bus: cable length up to 1500 m without additional power supply unit, supporting up to 120 stations and 120 diverters on each line

Station types for the Universal Smart System H61

You can choose between the following stations:

  • 1-fold, 2-fold, or 3-fold sending station (dispatch from below)
  • Top-loader
  • Front-loader
  • Table-station with fully automated carrier dispatch
  • Endstation with receipt and dispatch from below
  • Automatic-endstation
  • Sending and passage Station
  • Beginning, passage and endstation
  • Laboratory station with smooth reception bow or conveyor belt

Recap of the H61’s benefits

apps for individual needs

planning of a flexible and efficient transport

3D real-time visualization

remote monitoring and maintenance

maximum security

ongoing process optimization

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